Anya is a Merchant Trader who offers boat trades for pet stickers. She is quite proud of her wares and is happy to inform the Tradesmaster of their superior quality.
(Since version 1.7 Anya no longer trades gemstones - see below).


Anya captains an impressive blue and purple boat that is decorated in various gemstones. Unlike many other traders, she does not have an island where she resides.


Anya has a very refined, serene look about her. She has long brown hair, half tied up in an ornate up-do that is decorated with shells and gemstones. She wears large green earrings and what appears to be a golden necklace (only her head is shown).

Anya Quotes

  • The bounty of the earth is yours...for a price.
  • These beauties come from the farthest corners of the globe.
  • Rubies are red, sapphires are blue... I'd like to get paid. By you.
  • There are stones, and there are STONES. And these are the all-caps kind.
  • Polished to perfection and prepared for your perusal.

Anya's Gemstones

Prior to game version 1.7 Anya used to sell Gemstones: Jade Jade (Common), Sapphire Sapphire (Uncommon), Ruby Ruby (Rare). Gemstones are now retired.

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