A gift for a friend's Honey Bee Hive.

How to get

A Karma Camellia flower can be obtained :

How to use

Visit a fellow TradeMaster's island and drop a Karma Camellia onto their Honey Bee Hive. You will receive 1x Violeta VivazBeeHive event flower purple and 15-50 Social. The other Trademaster will receive 15-50 Social and 50x Reputation for their Hive (plus a 20% chance of a bonus reward when they collect your present).

Sharing Karma Camellia with other Trademasters

Help your fellow Trademasters by sharing your Karma Camellia flowers :

  • Visit their island
  • Find their Honey Bee Hive
  • Tap on it and drag Camelia kármicaBeeHive event flower orange onto it

You can only give Camelia kármicaBeeHive event flower orange to the same Trademaster every 6 hours.
Note: In your friends bar the Honey Bee Hive event Icon Bee Badge appears to the bottom-right of each avatar when you are able to give them a Karma Camellia flower. Similar to seal dives, friends to whom you have given a flower within 6 hours or those that have not activated their Hive are moved to the end of the list, regardless of their game level.

See also

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