Use these to purchase goods at the Salvage Shop.

How to get

You can collect clamshells as Seal Dive rewards from your own dives, or helping friends' dive. You may also receive them when friends help your dive.


Use these clamshells to buy special items at the Tienda de recuperaciónDive building.png.

Collecting Royal Clamshells

You can collect a maximum of 400 DiveCurrency.png during dive events. Note that it *is* possible to collect more than this in cases where you have less than 400 when you collect a dive/helper reward. However, while you have 400 or more you will no longer receive DiveCurrency.png as dive rewards.

At the end of the dive event any remaining DiveCurrency.png are "carried over" to the next dive event.

See also

Currency, Tienda de recuperaciónDive building.png, Fosa de focasSeal.png

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