Retro Month Tradefest 2017

Special Anniversary event : Retro Feria de comercio

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In preparation for our Second Anniversary, July will be Retro Month in Paradise Bay! We will be celebrating with a special "Retro Feria de comercio" and a Retro Item Sale bringing back some of your favorite items and Mascotas you may have missed the first time around! But that's not all! We will also be sharing the original art designs for Paradise Bay here on Facebook. Get ready Trademasters, it's going to be a WILD month!

This special Feria de comercio will begin on July 1st 2017 17h (GMT)
Bonus event time 1d et 8h, so 8 days et 8 hours for the Feria de comercio
At the end of the special nine tiers : 41 bonus tiers (500 Reputation to do each time) to gain stickers, prestiges or pieces of map !
Bonus tiers will be the only way to obtain Concha Giant Clam stickers

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The 50 tiers

Chart Goal/reward by level

Tier n° Reputation to obtain with Horatio Rewards
1 40 Reputation Bello baño para pájarosDeco BirdBath, 10 Social
2 80 Reputation Maceta de pasiónDeco WindChimes, 20 Social
3 160 Reputation Zen Garden, 40 Social
4 320 Reputation Fuente Zouyu Deco Stone Panda , 80 Social
5 640 Reputation Huerto de zanahoriasDeco CarrotPatch, 160 Social
6 1040 Reputation Canasta con huevosDeco EasterBasket, 260 Social
7 1640 Reputation 10x Sticker lovebirds (or 1/1 000 000 chance 15x Sticker Rooster), 410 Social
8 1640 Reputation 10x Sticker panda (or 1/1 000 000 chance 15x Sticker Rooster), 410 Social
9 1640 Reputation 10x Sticker bunny (or 1/1 000 000 chance 15x Sticker Rooster), 410 Social
10 à 50 500 Reputation Bonus : 27% stickers, 27% Sticker Giant Clam,
27% Maps, 9% PetFood, 9% Etoile Prestige, 125 Social
Keani Full Anniversary

King seems to say : Lunar Rooster Stickers Sticker Rooster will be rewarded for those who don't need any Lovebirds, Panda, and or Bunny Stickers., so if you already have this three Mascotas AND they are Rank 3 you will gain Rooster stickers


Same as other Feria de comercio, read here : Feria de comercio Guide

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