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Horatio Jasper is a character that introduces and runs Feria de comercio, FlashFest and Búsqueda de tesoros Limited-time Events.

Horatio Jasper Quotes

  • Trademaster! I love what you've done with the place.
  • Remember, people! ABC! Aways Be Trading! Peacocks are for traders only!
  • I'm holding this edition of Feria de comercio especially in honor of Paradise Bay!
  • I simply must get Yasmin to make me a brand new outfit for the next festival!
  • If you like Feria de comercio, wait until you see what I've got planned next!
  • I just never tire of festivals! They make everything so...festive!
  • This festival is going smashingly, don't you agree? Of course you do!
  • Are you enjoying my festival, Trademaster? Ha! Who am I kidding? Everyone loves Feria de comercio!
  • Trade, everyone! Trade! That's what Feria de comercio is all about!
  • Trading is my middle name! Well, actually it's Irving, but you get my meaning.
  • I was a trader once myself, you know. It's how I made my fortune. Now I spend it throwing festivals!
  • It's been far too long since I left Magnus Sola. It's a lovely island, but a bit...lonely.
  • Paradise Bay is busier than I've seen it in years. Huzzah, Trademaster!
  • Trademaster! Are you ready to complete my latest challenge?
  • Who is this Clara Stone, and how have we never met? I thought I knew everyone.
  • Everyone's a winner at Feria de comercio!
  • Do you like my airship? I call her the Fowl Weather Friend. Get it?
  • You must all visit me on Magnus Sola! So few people do.
  • How many traders does it take to change a lantern wick? No seriously, I'm asking.
  • Trade! Trade! Trade! The clock is ticking, my friends!
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