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Can you smell what Chef Otomo is cooking?

Relationship Rewards

Master Chef Otomo.png

This island yields specifically TwilightRoll.png Roll crepúsculo every 8 hours once you have reached level 5 relationship with Chef Yamamoto and once you have reached level 9 relationship with Chef Otomo TwilightRoll.png Roll crepúsculo x2.

Max Relationship Reward

Gong Bridge.png

At level 10 relationship with Chef Otomo you get the Puente Yukiko.It is a type of decor that does an animation when you tap it.


Whatever level of relationship with Chef Otomo, he sells every hour a variable amount of:

1 - 4 GrilledShrimp.png Camarones a la parrilla

1 - 4 SalmonNigiri.png Nigiri de salmón

2 - 5 SeaweedBasket.png Alga marina

1 - 3 RainbowRoll.png Roll arcoíris


Every hour also, Chef Otomo offers to buy a variable amount of:

6- 14 Lemon.png Limones

2 - 7 Fish.png Pescado

2 - 7 Shrimp.png Camarón

6 - 15 Rice.png Arroz


Map pieces cost before update to 1.6 :

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