Use tools to discover hidden relics.

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Island access requires:


There's is a beach at North-West of the Island where wildlife is masked by palms, tap on this location may make surprises ! Also Crab with chest can appear on the island (in front or on the rear beach)


This Island makes use of tools (ToolAxe Hacha, ToolHedgeTrimmers Tijeras and ToolSledgehammer Martillo), and a PowderKeg Barril de pólvora. Tools are used to remove two types of obstructions: rocks, trees and grass or walls and booby traps from the ruins. The rocks, trees and grass give gold and XP points, and a small possibility of Relic pieces. The walls and traps have a higher possibility of giving Rewards, Relic Key Relic Keys and other treasures, roughly 2-3 relic pieces per refresh.

There is also a cave that requires a PowderKeg Barril de pólvora to clear.

Refresh Time :

  • 9 hours for the rocks, trees and grass
  • 3 day and 10 hours for the walls and traps
  • 6 days and 10 hours for the Powder Keg

How to

Relic Guardian example

Relic is splited in 6 pieces (or Artifact) each splited also in shards.
It is necessary to gather all these shards, a total of 30.
Some arctifacts have 3 shards, other 4, 6 or 8 :

1st artefact : 3 shards 2nd artefact : 3 shards 3rd artefact : 4 shards
4th artefact : 6 shards 5th artefact : 6 shards 6th artefact : 8 shards

Assemble the 6 pieces of the Relic to earn it and move it to your main island.



shards for relics
Relic Key Relic Keys
Goodwill Experience
Gold Monedas de oro
SilverOre Mena de plata
IronOre Mena de hierro
SilverNecklace Collar de plata

Available relics

9th Reliquia, 06 de Septiembre 2018

Deco Relic Pterodactyl
The Pterry el Pterrible.

8th relic, June 28th 2018

Deco Relic Karate Statue
The Reliquia del maestro grulla.
"Sweep the Leg!"

7th relic, April 20th 2018

Deco Relic Dinosaur3
El Chachiceratops.
A very docile creature, but don't mess with the front end!

6th relic November 10th 2017

Deco Relic Cobra
El Pozo de la cobra.
A lovely wishing well, if your wish was for a cobra.

5th relic, June 9th 2017

Deco Relic Archer
El Arquero de reliquias.
A sturdy relic archer to guard your relics. Relic safety still not guaranteed.

4th relic

Deco Relic Dinosaur2
El Tiranosaurus ex.
Different dinosaur bones, also in the correct order... we think

3rd relic

Deco Relic Pyramid
El Cripta del chacal.
An ancient vault adorned with a black jackal.

2nd relic

Deco Dino Complete
El Dinosaurus rex.
A full set of dinosaur bones in the correct places... we think.

1st relic April 2016

Deco Armor Complete
El Guardián de reliquias.
Guard your relics with your very own relic guardian. Relic safety not guaranteed.

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Categoria Reliquia

Clara's Quotes

Introductory texts (click "Show" to view) =>

  • An island filled with ancient relics! Am I in heaven?
  • Relic hunters have been telling stories about this place since before I was born.
  • Can you even imagine how many treasures lurk under the surface of this island?
  • I should bring Finn to Isla Vestigios. He'd love this place!
  • Some of the artifacts on this island are thousands of years old. Millions, even!
  • These elaborate gadgets are so impressive, don't you think?
  • What excellent timing. I've been itching for another project!
  • Isla Vestigios is such a fascinating place! I could spend years just studying the architecture!
  • In times lost to history, this place was known as Antigo. These ruins date back to those days.
  • Pirates and relic hunters have searched for this place for generations. Incredible, isn't it?
  • What happens if you cut that rope?
  • The first relic I ever unearthed was a bone our dog had buried. I had to fight her for it. I won.
  • Roger and I played archaeologists as children. I used to bury him and dig him up again.
  • Old things are fascinating, aren't they? Some more than others, I suppose. I've never been a fan of old milk, for instance.
  • I once knew a relic hunter named Jones. He gave me this whip, actually.
  • This place must be simply bursting with treasures. I can't wait to see what we unearth!
  • I suspect the moles have been burrowing up under this island, pushing the relic shards to the surface.
  • How do you like relic hunting, Trademaster? Exciting, isn't it?
  • Each shard is part of a relic, and each relic is part of a larger artifact. Isn't this fun?
  • Good heavens, there are a lot of relics here. I imagine we'll be unearthing treasures for a long time to come!
  • I'll wager the moles have known about this place all along. Sly creatures.
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