These jars will reward you with precious tokens if you put dye into them.
Use those tokens on the Croaking Spring to make a wish!

Island wishingwell

Available with version 2.5.0 of the game (released May 18th)

Creating Wish Tokens

On this island you will find 5 wishing jars WishingVase1, WishingVase2, WishingVase3, WishingVase4, WishingVase5.
Drop a dye into a jar to create a Wish Token :

The jars reward you with XP Goodwill each time you fill them:

  • The small jar at the bottom, Jar of Fortune WishingVase1 gives 20 Goodwill
  • The second jar, Jar of Exploration WishingVase2 gives 40 Goodwill
  • The third jar, Jar of Fate WishingVase3 gives 60 Goodwill
  • The fourth jar, Jar of Wisdom WishingVase4 gives 80 Goodwill
  • The large jar at the top, Jar of Friendship WishingVase5 gives 100 Goodwill

You will have to wait 1 hour before being able to make another Wish Token in the same jar. Or rush for 7x Gems.

Making A Wish at the Croaking Spring

The Rana cantarinaWishingFrog makes Wish Tokens in exchange for the wish jar tokens you collect on the island (only 1 Wish Token at a time).

Wildlife Spotting

Keep an eye out for orange, green and red frogs, which are sometimes hidden behind the stone pillars or the Croaking Spring.

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