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Hi Trademaster, my brother Aidan and I can help you build a better Treehouse. If you find my pet Gully say hello! -Nadia
Avatar Nadia CratesIsland
Trade Stairs for Paddles, and Paddles for Crates.

Crates Island Crates Island open

Relationship Rewards Reputation

This island yields special rewards (see Trading below) every 18 hours once you have reached level 5 relationship with Nadia and unlocked the 3rd trading panel.

Maximum Relationship Reward

At level 5 relationship with Nadia you can collect the CaballitosMerryGoRound and place it on your own island.

Reputation 500 1400 2200 3000 3800


Crates Island tradepost

Nadia exchanges stairs for paddles, and paddles for crates.
Each type of exchange has a specific waiting time before it is available again.

Panel Table of item exchanges
1 2x Escaleras para casa del árbolUpgrade-Steps=>1x Paleta de molino de aguaUpgrade-WaterPaddle2 hClock114 Reputation
2 1x Paleta de molino de aguaUpgrade-WaterPaddle=>4x CajasUpgrade-Crate5 hClock64 Reputation
3 1-2x Escaleras para casa del árbolUpgrade-Steps
or 1-2x Paleta de molino de aguaUpgrade-WaterPaddle
=>3-4x PerlaPearl, Trozo de mapaScrapOfPaper,
1x PólvoraBlackPowder or 1x Vale de bronceBronze Ticket
18 hClock112-2000 Reputation

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