These are the unnamed Merchant Traders, who can offer Herramienta de despeje, Recursos para aumentar el almacenamiento and even possibly Gems.

At one point during the Storyline Quests, the name Gustav was mentioned, but there is no official confirmation currently on the names of these two merchants.

Male Quotes

  • Time and tide wait for no captain. Have you got what I need?
  • The sun's over the yardarm. Let's not waste any time.
  • I'm in a bit of a rush. Can you restock my hold?
  • Take your time! But hurry up.

Female Quotes

  • I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts...but they're not for sale.
  • Have we met? I'm not very good with faces. Or names. Or remembering stuff.
  • Oh, hey! A port! Wait, have I been here before?
  • I need...uh...I've got a list around here someplace...
  • Am I there yet? How about now?
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