Visit other players and give their Mascotas treats!

How to get

It's a resource made at Piensotería
Cost to make : 50 Gold
Time to make : 12h

How to use

Visit your friends' islands and feed these to their Mascotas to help them level-up!
You will both receive Goodwill and Social.
The friend's pet will also receive :
Rank 1 Pet - level 1 to 4 : +25 Reputation
Rank 2 Pet - level 5 to 9 : +150 Reputation
Rank 3 Pet - level 10 to 15 : +400 Reputation

You can only give a treat to the same pet once every 24 hours. You can feed as many of your friends' different Mascotas as you have treats!
Note: In your friends bar the Pet Feeding icon Pet Badge appears to the bottom-right of each avatar when they have at least one pet that you can feed.

See here Mascotas and here Reserva natural for all info on levels, nap time, feeding, rewards and more.

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